Fall 2013
by Tim
Group 5 - Constructed a covered area, 24 meters by 11 meters (78 ft. by 35 ft.), divided into
classrooms for the orphanage. The team worked from sunrise to 10 p.m. and twice till
midnight, mostly under the blazing sun.
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Our last report told about the exciting new chapter in the life of our eight area churches.   A 26-member team ministered in
Mozambique, Africa. Mozambique, like Brazil, is a Portuguese speaking country, one of the poorest countries in the world.
Below are stats in regard to this poverty. Here are a few highlights of the team’s 27 days. The team arrived in Africa on
August 10 with over 3,500 pounds (1,600 kilos) of baggage! Six months prior to the trip, they began receiving specific
donations: school supplies, cooking utensils, 200 Study Bibles, 450 books on the life of Christ and pulpit preaching, Sunday
School curriculum, and books for the small institute in Maputo. All of the baggage arrived safely. The team was divided into
to five groups.
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Tim & Vicki Reiner in a Far Place
Motor vehicle stats: (UN World Statistical Yearbook)
USA – 765 motor vehicle per 1,000 people.
Brazil – 81 motor vehicle per 1,000 people.
Mozambique – 2 motor vehicles per 1,000 people.

Life expectancy at birth: (CIA World Factbook)
USA – 78 years
Brazil – 72 years
Mozambique – 51 years

Obesity percentage of population:
USA – 35.7% (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)
Brazil - 15.8% (Associação Brasileira para o Estudo da
Obesidade e da Síndrome Metabólica)
Mozambique – 6.8% (Department of Hygiene &
Epidemiology, University of Porto Medical School,
Porto, Portugal)
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Thirty-five years ago, when Vicki and I were struggling to begin our first church in the interior town of Casa Nova, I did not
imagine that we would see and participate in a project such as this. Not only did this particular church lead the project,
they sent the largest number of team members.
The Mozambique team members are not the same as when they went on this mission; they seem to know Jesus a little
better. Having talked to them, I do too.
                                                                        It’s still because of the Gospel,
Tim Reiner
Group 1 - Gave courses about the Bible, preparing Biblical messages, and evangelism to
130 African pastors and church leaders (approximately 30 of which are illiterate).
Tim speaks on a local radio every Sunday afternoon
The Mozambique Team
Group 2 - Vacation Bible School at the orphanage in
many of these little ones have fatal diseases.
friendship while sharing testimonies about Jesus.
Group 4 - Taught body care: haircuts, manicures, basic hygiene, and visual care.
Team to Mozambique